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way we cover celebrities then. that's what's making news in america live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> two commercial airliners forced to land at reagan national without any help from air-traffic control. investigation is underway this morning to determine if the comptroller on duty was asleep on the job. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on a thursday morning. i am alison starling. >> good morning. iambs and a simpson. traffic and weather every ten minutes first. first, meteorologist steve rudin. >> good morning. rumbles of thunder during the early morning. just a few lingering showers for the rush hour as well as patchy
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fog. the 43 degrees at dulles, 44 at winchester 43 in cumberland, 54 in petersburg. temperatures will remain below average the next several days. the moisture is moving off the coast. there's one more batch of rain to the west of us and it could send all little sleet to the north of us. a few more rainshowers to go just enough to keep the pavement wet. highs today in the mid to upper 40's. sunshine this afternoon. . accident >. -- accident in maryland. it is the ramp from the inner for overnight employees to be allowed to take scheduled m -- scheduled naps.
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this morning in the bill workers were hurt after they were exposed to a dangerously high levels of radiation in japan and were sent to the hospital for treatment. parents in tokyo stocking up on bottled water. tap water is contaminated with radiation. the radiation is about twice what is safe. a man with an instrumental illness was arrested and charged with killing two people in olney. 35-year-old jerome goodlett is accused of killing an 81-year- old and a 41-year-old. goodlett was on conditional release after he was found not criminally responsible for crime in 2008. >> he was supposed to be
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monitored and slipped through the cracks. the result is hideous. >> the agency responsible for monitoring him says it will review the case. investigators don't know what led to the shootings. an autopsy will be conducted today on a body found inside a woodbrige dumpster. human remains were found inside the dumpster after a fire was reported. when firefighters put out the flames they found the body. they spent the night camping the area for information and handed out fliers. investigators cannot tell if the victim is a man or woman. a private funeral planned for later this week for hollywood legend elizabeth taylor. the academy award winning actor died yesterday of congestive heart failure. she was one of the last of the classic movie stars. she was known former stormy personal life. c. was married eight times. she raised millions of dollars for aids research. elizabeth taylor was 79 years
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old. dc's new leader has been in office little more than two months. he admits his administration has had a rocky start. a new poll shows what the residents think. only 31% of residents approve of the mayor's performance. 40% disapprove. he has been plagued by a number of problems including controversial pay and allegations is administration was involved in a paper placed team. a new study shows the d.c. region has the worst cell phone reception among the top markets in the country. the reports found that nearly one in five calls dropped of static or echoes. it does not matter which carrier. it is not clear why d.c. has for reception. if you are driving it's tough to know which areas are going to
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drop your call. >> you know you are going to lose the call. bad news for air travelers. >> and toyota is getting ready to start the toyota prius construction in japan. linda bell has more from new york. >> not what you want to hear, but airline fares are going up again. delta, usair following united- continental latest move and hiking round-trip prices $10. this is the second air fare hike this year as a group elf prices -- as crude oil prices skyrocket. tokyo presidents are urged to purchase and water after radiation has been found in the tap water. in the u.s., data crunched by bloomberg shows dealing with fire prevention and safety issues could cost the u.s.
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nuclear industry $8 billion. toyota gearing up to restart production of the toyota prius. it expects assembly interruptions in the u.s. because of the aftereffects of the march 11 earthquake. stock-index futures are little changed right now. that is business news. at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 4:38. it's 41 degrees. >> still to come we will have a revised forecast. this one is for the cherry blossoms. we will tell you when the trees will reach their peak bloom. >> the aftermath of a powerful spring storm. what caused part of a busy highway to collapse. >> lisa baden as another check of your thursday morning commut
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there's a morning welcome back. i am steve rudin. a few more scattered showers to the west of us. you can watch that one last batch entering western maryland. it is beginning to fall apart. i would not be surprised if we have enough cold air mixing into this that part of it will mix into little sleet especially and
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north of the d.c. area, not expecting accumulation. 47-52 for the daytime high today. the beltway in landover, there's a crash. inner loop at the beginning of the exit that would take you to 50. the exit ramp is closed. this camera is close enough to show us that there is light volume in our favor. let's change cameras and goes out of town toward the wilson bridge where things are great. back to you. >> thank you. 4:43 on this early thursday, 41 degrees. >> we will tell you why it the suspect in the tucson shootings has been moved out of arizona. >> thousands of tourists had to rush out of the eiffel tower. 3q lysol believes a heaeahy family is a happy family. that's why lysol does more with our new stainless look no-touch
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welcome back. checking our top stories on the thursday amid air scare at reagan national on tuesday night. federal safety officials investigating reports that an air traffic controller fell asleep on the job. that forced two planes to land without clearance. transportation secretary has offered -- ordered the faa to increase staffing of the late shift in response. spring storms making a mess
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across the northern u.s. dozens of buildings were damaged in a possible tornado in western pennsylvania. and a levee was breached, causing the road to collapse in minnesota. you are going to have a little less time to see the cherry blossoms at their peak bloom. the national park service says it will likely be march 29 through april 1. previously it was thought to be it through the third of april. a few fewer days. nato ships are patrolling off the coast of libya this morning for another night of terror strikes over tripoli. president obama faces new pressure from congress over the u.s. role in libya. emily schmidt has the latest. >> benghazi rebels fighting for libya's future are waving the flag from the past.
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it is? the no-fly zone is working. >> the nightly news cannot cover the humanitarian crisis. that did not happen, thankfully. it is important to remember that many libyans are thankful today because the international community took action. >> coalition air strikes have continued for a fifth night. these are french fighter jets. nato has activated planes off the coast. the majority of attacks so far have been led by the u.s. of 151 -- a 161 tomahawk missiles fired all but four have been american. the u.s. will reduce its involvement to a supportable within days. at a rally near gaddafi's count count, government supporters chanted anti-obama slogans.
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>> he sees himself as in vulnerable. his entire regime is threatened. to say that these are glorious times is remarkable. >> some are calling for congressional hearings. the eiffel tower is back open after a bomb scare. police found a suspicious package beneath the the landmark in paris intraday after someone called in a threat. no explosives were found. 4000 tourists were evacuated. this is the third time in recent months that it has been evacuated. the tucson shooting has been transferred to virginia. he will undergo a court-ordered mental evaluation. jared loughner pleaded not guilty to the general area tax
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but killed six and wounded 13, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. his lawyers are requesting to have him transferred back to arizona. 4:49, 40 degrees. >> is cold. we will tell you what is next for some d.c. teachers parents, and students
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a cold start to this thursday morning, 39 degrees in gaithersburg, maryland. 37 in hagerstown. fredericksburg to the south is at 48 degrees. we still have some rainshowers that will move through the region for the next several hours. those to the west are beginning to fizzle out. front royal and winchester are looking at light precipitation at this time. it's driving our the beltway. -- dry around the beltway. it continues to break up over the next couple hours. be prepared for little patchy fog. 43 degrees at 9:00 a.m., 45 at noon, kaiser found that 47-50. there's a crash on the inner
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loop, the ramp that would take you to 50 the one toward annapolis. that is the first exit ramp on the inner loop in maryland' blocked because of an accident. 66 95, 395 look good no troubles on the dulles greenway or the dulles toll road. normal travel times on 270. let's go to the beltway in landover near 50 with no delays. back to you. >> thank you. administrators at the d.c. charters will have made a decision that many students and parents and teachers are not happy about. >> the preparatory academy is scheduled to close this summer. mike conneen has details. >> it is going to hurt the neighborhood a little, i would imagine. >> in northeast washington, the school sent down at the end of the school year. >> it was an experience, very difficult.
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we hope to move on from this. >> the school will have a community forum and a school fair directing parents to nearby options. >> we will follow up to make sure all the student records go where the students are going. >> the 15 teachers and staff members must also find new schools and new jobs. >> everyone involved does still have a passion for education and we will see where that takes us. >> the enrollment numbers have been disappointing. the school is supposed to have 130 students by now. there are only 79. >> we are all competing for the same students and it is difficult to stand out. >> the older demographic of the neighborhood and other schools have made it more difficult. the d.c. public charter school
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board says disclosure appears to be isolated. this is why charter enrollment increased 6% this year. >> we see a lot of progress in terms of student performance. >> charter schools are small businesses. many are very successful, but not all. >> they are challenged. sometimes the challenge is more than they are able to overcome. 4:55. while politics might not be for everyone, it is a dream for a high-school senior. >> marcus wants to be mayor sunday. he and eight other high school seniors could be on their way to reaching their goals. >> a great opportunity, and expected. >> he and the other students found out wednesday that they won full four-year scholarships to george washington university. it covers tuition, room and board, books, and fees at the
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$52,000 per year university. his mother is a single mom and if she says a scholarship has lifted a big weight off of her shoulders. >> my dreams come true. it is joy. >> he attends thurgood marshall public charter high school in southeast. a fellow classmate was also awarded a scholarship to george washington. when both of their names were announced, they could not have been more excited because he's got the other would win. >> very well deserving. >> that's great. >> their moms, a big relief for them. 4:57. more news straight ahead.
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